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Our Story

VASCSC was established in 1966 by the eminent space scientist, Dr. Vikram A Sarabhai. It was created with the vision to make both, teaching and learning an enjoyable journey through conceptual, fun and effective engagement.

Centre has developed wide range of Teaching Learning Material (TLM).

Access unique and distinctive TLM

Benefits of TLM
Helps teachers to move from traditional chalk and talk to more collaborative approach.
Make teaching process interesting and engaging.
Will give students hands on experience and everlasting clarity of the subject
Helps student to have deeper understanding of the concept and build their knowledge beyond the subject which will help them to correlate its application in daily life.
Will trigger curiosity, inculcate experimentation and inspire innovation
Salient features of TLM
Designed for – Grade 1 to Grade 12.
Available across various subjects viz. Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Environment Science and Mathematics.
Available in the form of DIY (Do-it-yourself), Learning aids, Kits, Publications and Interactive exhibits.
Appropriate for activity centre, display in corridor or classroom demonstrations.
Available with manual in English, Gujarati and Hindi language.