Rakesh Ramparia

"I love my kids when they play with educational games. Thanks for providing a lot of encouraging books and games."

Dr Bhaskar

"Very Impressive and educative material we would love to revisit again."

Satish Maradia

"VASCSC has excellent educational material. Great Vision."

Mr. Shwetal Shah

"One of the best Science learning Centre in Gujarat state. A big replication of such centres is required. Collection of books and scientific game are amazing way of learning Scientific principles."

Ms. Annu Jha, Society For All Round Development, New Delhi

"Maths Lab Package - With this TLM we can clarify the concepts of Mathematics. All the Teaching Learning Material are very durable and easy to use."

Dr Anup Das, Scientist, SAC ISRO

"VASCSC is a temple for science enthusiasts. A must visit for school and college students."

Mr Bharatkumar Panchal

"Excellent most innovative teaching for students to understand the process and thinking togather."

Mr. Sanjeev Verma, Azim Premji Foundation, Tonk Rajasthan

"Maths Packages - All the content, language presentation of topics Design of Products is very useful and very good. Over all the quality of the products is Excellent."